A New Way To Eat

My food journey has brought me to where I am now. Writing to you, telling you all about it  

The information I have put together here is for everyone and it is my goal to be able to help everyone on their food journey.

It is imperative that each of us find what is right and what works for their bodies, not simply mimic someone else’s experience or the latest dietary trend – you are unique.

I don’t like titles but after years of learning, discovering and experimenting I have found that my body works best when I eat mostly raw vegan food.

This diet may not be for everyone and I have no intention of trying to convert the world to my way of eating – but I find it interesting though that I am part of a very rapidly growing movement.

It was also never my intention adopt any specific diet, nor do I have any underlying belief systems that limit or direct me to any particular choice of foods to eat or not eat. As a child I was brought up on cereal with milk for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and meat and three veg (always way over cooked) for dinner.

Even while still living in my childhood home I began to experiment with food. In my mid teens I bought a copy of “South East Asian Cookery” and proceeded to not only push the boundaries of my up bringing but managed to make my mother’s fridge smell, with all the weird and wonderful, usually fishy smells synonymous with South East Asian Cuisine.

I also loved gardening. From a very young age the home vegetable garden was mine. I grew potatoes, silverbeet, corn, strawberries, tomatoes, cabbages, brussels sprouts and lots of other fruits and vegetables. I had competitions with my next door neighbour – he used pesticides and I didn’t – his crops were bug ridden and eaten yet mine weren’t – go figure.

When I moved out of home I lived in share housing with other students. Together we all enjoyed the freedom to experiment, share recipes and tastes that none of us had been exposed to when living at home.

One of the houses I lived in for a while was vegetarian. Until then vegetarian was only a word I had heard, but not a way of eating I had experienced. I liked the food and realised that I also liked the concept of not killing animals. I noticed even then that vegetarian food sat more comfortably, lighter in my stomach.

I did not become a vegetarian then although more and more of my meals were vegetarian. Over the years that followed I did enjoy a greatly extend the range of foods – I have always loved food.

Over the past twenty plus years I have looked more closely at the foods I eat and what effect the different foods have had on my body. We did the “Liver Cleansing Diet” and felt wonderful after it. We saw it as the thing to do at the time, not a life changing experience. For years after we continued to refer to it, “You remember when we did the Liver Cleansing Diet, how good we felt”

The last fifteen years have been more specifically focused on my wife and her health. She was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and later, adrenal fatigue. She spent way too much time for her liking in bed and way to much of that time not being able to sleep.

This seems to have been the springboard for me to learn lots and lots and lots more about food, nutrition, supplements, herbs, medicines, doctors and so on. I wanted to heal her, or to find someone to heal her, or something, anything. Our doctor at the time told her that her thyroid was dead and that she would need to take medications for the rest of her life. I found people on the internet saying that they could heal damaged thyroids. Now that was strange, who was right?.

I am a designer, an Architect. I design from nothing and create something – hopefully something amazing. I love simple solutions, designs that resolve themselves, when all the pieces just fit – perfectly.

I wanted to find the perfect solution to the crazy array of ideas that come from people who profess to know “the answer”. Doctors were saying one thing, wholistic practitioners were saying another and to make things even more confusing some doctors were saying the same thing as the wholistic practitioners. Then some of the alternative practitioners were saying really crazy stupid things. Throw advertising and bad lifestyles that people defend to the death (literally) into the mix and it is no wonder people are confused about what and what not to eat.

I was looking for a common thread, a set of ideas that made sense, some way of assessing whether a new idea is a good one or a bad one. A set of guidelines for eating that was not complicated, was practical and was applicable to babies, right through to old folks and that took into account that we are all different. That was not too much to ask – was it? Well I asked anyway.

I started to find people who were making sense – whose information fitted with other ideas – they had a piece of the puzzle that I could recognise. These people all looked beyond the boundaries of their upbringing and their education. The more of these people I found and read their material the more I could see a common thread. The ideas fitted an understanding that was naturally developing within me.

By fortune or fate I came across “SIMPLY RAW Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days” This movie is a must for everyone who is wondering the relationship between diet and health and what a truly dramatic difference a change in diet can make to suck person – not just diabetics.

The movie documents the story of 6 Americans all suffering from diabetes, both type I and type II, who volunteer to spend 30 days at a health retreat and eat only raw food. I will not tell you what happens, but it is way better than good. Their story is truly amazing.

After watching this DVD I was left with one realisation – if a raw vegan diet can have such a dramatic result on a group of diabetics in such a short period of time, just imagine what effect it could have on me.

So we started putting it to the test. My wife and I have never been prone to make sudden changes but we did start eating a lot more salads. 

After a few months and at the point when our raw food intake was at about 70-80% my wife’s health took a sudden a dramatic turn for the better. She had more energy, she stared sleeping better and she felt that for the first time in many years she had her life back again. 

She was by no means fully back to 100% health but what we had found out was that by paying close attention to the food we ate we could direct our health positively or negatively.  

At the time we stopped eating meat but ate eggs, cheese, yoghurt and butter. 

I wanted to know more. I wanted to be able to know the criteria for determining whether a particular food was good or bad for you. 

I had already determined traditional doctors were a waste of time – they were only trained in sickness not health. Most naturopaths were too embedded in their preset philosophies and make too much money from selling pills and potions. The Internet was full of way too much confusing and conflicting information. 

In stead of looking at sick people for the answer to the healthy food / healthy life mystery I decided to look at very healthy people and cultures. 

There it was – the answer. 

Nature in all its glory – the stuff that has always been there but somehow man thought he could do better. The people who lived closest to nature and ate only foods that came directly from nature in the form that nature made it were by far the healthiest people on earth. 


This is story is still being written – much more to come – I have to let you know how GUSTO Herbs came out of all of this. 

Lots of Love