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Acid/Alkaline Diet 

The human body must be maintained in an alkaline state. A raw vegan diet will do this by default. Otherwise you will need to minimise your intake of meat, fish, dairy, grains, soft drinks, coffee and up your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables – isn’t that the Raw Vegan Diet?



The skin is the bodies largest organ and one of its main functions is to remove toxins from the body. If you use antiperspirants you stop the body from sweating and cause toxins to be held in the body.

Links have been made between the use of deodorants and antiperspirants and breast cancer. Mastectomy patients are told never to use antiperspirants – it is a pity they weren’t told before they got the breast cancer. So I am telling you now.

I use a salt crystal deodorant and find it very effective – most health food shops sell them. It has no odour, so if you are looking for a nice smell you might consider using an essential oil in water as a spray on.



Some foods and chemicals, seem to be linked with asthma symptoms. These foods and substances include;

  • Dairy in any form,
  • Chemical food additives – especially colourings, preservatives and flavour enhancers.
  • Processed foods,
  • Wheat,
  • Eggs,
  • Seafoods,
  • Citrus fruits, particularly oranges,
  • Soy,
  • Peanuts and some other nuts.

Asthmatic reactions to foods can happen immediately or over several hours. Keep a food diary and if you suspect that a particular food is causing a problem avoid it for two weeks before trying it again.

Interestingly most of the above foods and substances should be avoided anyway. Other than the citrus and nuts all of the other items do not from part of a natural diet.

See also “Inflammation” below.



Yes they are really good for you. I don’t get the calorie counting thing that says they are fattening. We eat heaps of them and we lost weight. I think it has to do with the living fats are good in our bodies and get used where dead and processed fats are bad and get stored.

I use them instead of butter, in vegie smoothies, in sauces to pour over my salad or or just straight out of their skin with a little Himalayan salt and lemon juice.

Always buy avocados hard – they do not ripen on the tree so are always picked hard. Keep them out until you notice that they just start to soften then put them in the fridge – they will keep much longer that way.



Our blood carries oxygen and nutrients to every cell in our bodies. It also carries waste and toxins out via our kidneys. Healthy blood means a healthy body. Our body replaces all its blood every 4 to 5 months. It uses the nutrients we feed it to make now blood. What we feed our bodies is what our bodies must use to make our new blood. Junk food will make sick blood, good food will make healthy blood. Healthy blood carries more oxygen and nutrients to feed the body and more effectively takes toxins out of the system.

Because of the time it takes for all of the blood to be replaced you are not necessarily going to feel on top of the world the first week you move from a junk food diet to a nutrition based diet. You should though feel better – then you need to be a little patient and a lot diligent while your body does the job it knows how to do best – heal itself.


BMI – Body Mass Index 

Body Mass Index is a ratio between your height and body weight.

I found the BMI to be a very useful objective indicator of my weight. If I slip into the Overweight range I feel less vibrant, have less deep sleep, have more back pains and even walking just takes that bit more effort than I would like.

So many people who do not consider themselves to be overweight need to check out their BMI to find out where they really are. The same goes at the other of the scale, and this seems to apply to females more than males – if you fall below the Normal Range, you are under weight so stop kidding yourself and start eating properly.

When you eat whole fresh foods rather than processed foods you will only eat what your body needs and your body will find its own natural equilibrium. And you will be somewhere in the Normal Range.


Body Balance Test 

Our bodies know what is good and bad for us, if only we knew how to listen.
A few years ago I was shown a technique that works very well for and many people I know. I have called it the Body Balance Test and I have made a video to show you how to do it and what you can use it for.

GO TO : http://www.ehba.com.au/pages/body-balance-test


Body Odour 

Body odour is greatly effected by the food you eat. Meat and dairy eaters smell way more than vegans. And it is not just their sweat that is unpleasantly smelly.

A friend of mine, when she met her now husband noticed that he smelt like sour milk. She suggested that he stop all dairy if he was interested in the relationship to go much further. He did and the smell went away. 


Calorie counting

I do not calorie count. Apart from it not really making much sense to me, not to mention a crazy amount of effort – I have found that high calorie fresh raw food puts on less weight than low calorie junk food. Avocados are a good example. My wife and I eat a lot of avocados but since eating only raw vegan at home we have and continue to loose weigh.

By following a Natural, Life Diet most of the calculating, measuring, remembering and dissecting becomes unnecessary.


Colonic Irrigation

Where would someone get the idea that shoving a hose up your bum and turning the tap on, was a good idea. Sorry this one just seems crazy to me. Under specific medically assessed circumstances where no other natural methods of colonic cleansing and detoxing are possible then I can see that it might be necessary.


Cut Fruit

Did you know that you do not need to cover fruit when you cut it.

Water melon for example if cut and left uncovered in the fridge will seal over and remain in perfect condition. If you cover it with plastic it will rot very quickly and be wasted.

The same goes for bananas – if you only want half a banana, cut it in half and put the unused half back in the fruit bowl. It will dry and seal over. If on the other hand you peel it and leave half of it, that half will rot very quickly.


Eating Out

Initially this was my most difficult challenge.

I would look through the menu and find an extremely limited range of food that I was prepared to eat. I would most often pick the least undesirable and try to enjoy it as best I could.

Now I go straight to the “Sides”. These are often steamed vegetables or baked potatoes or equally simple dishes. The amazing thing is that two sides make quite a large meal and is way cheaper than the main courses.   Alternatively, even if the restaurant does not have garden salad on the menu they are always happy to make one up for me.


Heart Burn

Heart burn is a message sent to you y your body telling you that you have fed it too much of the wrong sort of food. Heart burn is not a disorder needing to be medicated. If you medicate you do not fix the problem. Foods that cause heartburn are also foods that cause the blood to become acidic – not good – the blood needs to be alkaline.

So all things in moderation, its time to put less of the acid forming foods into our bodies – you will notice that the same foods keep appearing on the NO GO ZONE list.

  • Fried and fatty food – especially deep fried.
  • Cakes & other processed foods – high in sugar and refined flours.
  • Meat – needs high level of stomach acid and is very slow to digest.
  • Dairy – although appearing to provide some temporary relief from heartburn dairy actually increases stomach acid production.
  • Coffee – never fails to up the stomach acid levels.
  • High sugar drinks, especially soft drinks but also high sugar fruit juices – if you are thirsty just drink water.
  • Alcohol – increases stomach acid and causes dehydration which stalls natural detox and digestion processes = more heartburn.
  • Spicy Food – generally spicy food is good for you but not when you have heartburn – may just avoid the other bad foods first.

To help relieve the symptoms of heartburn try taking:

  •   Fresh or dried figs,
  •   Fresh or dried papaya,
  •   Slippery elm,
  •   Apple Cider Vinegar,
  •   Almonds.



Hunger is a natural function of a healthy body. Hunger tells us when our bodies need more fuel and nutrition.

Unfortunately for many people it seems to mean more volume and more pandering to food addictions.

When you eat good nutritious food the body recognises this and says thank you by turning the hunger switch off.

If on the other hand you eat nutritiously void food, the body has not received what it was looking for so keeps asking for more. This is why if you eat hot chips or a pack of Tim Tams you will never get to a point when you feel satisfied – you may get to point when you are full Full and satisfied are definitely not the same thing.

Sadly many weigh control programs see hunger as an enemy and use hunger suppressants or meal replacements for fool the body into believing that it is not really hungry.

The natural hunger mechanism works really well and we need to listen to it. We need to have on hand only nutritious foods and snacks, so that when we are hungry we can give our bodies what our bodies are asking for. If we only eat what our bodies are asking for we will not be over weight – you do not need to calorie count – your body does all the measuring it needs.

Because most of us do not drink enough water, (me included), we often make the mistake of interpreting thirst as hunger – try and get into the habit of reaching for a glass of water before the handful of nuts.

Now you can enjoy your hunger rather than dread it.



Changing your diet alone can have a dramatic effect on any inflammation condition, including back pain, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, cancer, heart disease, etc.

Inflammatory Foods Include:

  • Any Sugar, natural or processed,
  • Wheat,
  • Dairy,
  • Fried Foods,
  • Processed Foods,
  • Dried fruits that contain preservatives,
  • Hydrogenated vegetable oils,
  • Safflower, sunflower, soy and corn oils,
  • Alcohol,
  • Caffeine.

For severe more Inflammatory conditions you may also want to eliminate or dramatically reduce the following from your diet:

  • Tomatoes,
  • Potatoes,
  • Eggplants. 

Anti-inflammatory Foods Include:

  • Water – Filtered and Alkaline SEE NatureStream Water Filters
  • Fresh, whole fruits and vegetables,
  • Papaya, pineapple, blueberries, all other berries,
  • Dark green leafy vegetable,
  • Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale,
  • Sweet potato,
  • Nuts, legumes and seeds,
  • Turmeric and Ginger,
  • Whole unprocessed oats,
  • Olive, coconut and macadamia oils,
  • Kelp,
  • Green Tea.    



Try not to eat melons with other food or fruit.

Melons digest much faster than any other fruits so if they can’t move through the system fast enough they will ferment – produce gas, and you may feel bloated.

So eat them first with a bit of a gap – maybe half hour before eating anything else. Or just have melons as a snack between meals.