Michael’s Story



It is truly a pleasure and a gift for me to have you visiting our website.

This website has been built because I am passionate about nutrition and its relationship to our physical and mental well being. Over many years I have consciously observed my own body and its responses to the different foods I have given it.  Helen, my wife, and I, have made these observations together and discovered some well known eating patterns to be true, and others to be meaningless – to us.

I have watched people around me and encouraged my children to look at other children at school and elsewhere – to look at what they eat, look at their skin, their complexion, their energy levels and their ability to concentrate.

Together we have watched once healthy active kids become sick and lifeless but equally we have watched others grow both in inner and outer strength. 

We came to realise that which must seem blatantly obvious – 

    “What we eat makes a huge difference to how our bodies perform.”


This one is borrowed.

At a lecture years ago, I was listening to a motivational speaker who said one thing that I hold dear to my heart to this day. He wanted to live a long and healthy life so that he could care for, and support his wife, his kids and his grandchildren and not become a burden on any of them as he aged – he also wanted to out live his wife so that she would not have to go through the grief of missing him.


I am an Architect. I have no medical, nutritional, dietary or any other type of training in this or related fields of nutrition and health.

The information on this site is based on my observations, as well as information I have collected from numerous books I have read, seminars I have attended, internet sites I have investigated and from my friends and acquaintances.

By the way. For those who know me, I have not let go of my other great passion – Architecture. This note is also a small ad – Yes I am always looking for more Architectural work.

Homes – Gardens – Health.    What a great combination.


I have no intention of suggesting that anything I say about food will heal any medical condition you might have. In fact that is contrary to what I believe. I believe that a body in its natural state is healed by itself. If you simply feel better or have any preexisting medical condition somehow just not be there any more by embracing a natural, mostly raw, wholefood diet, free of artificial chemicals then that would be wonderful. It is certainly worth giving it a go.


That the human body is innately intelligent and given the right ingredients is capable of healing itself and maintaining itself in perfect order. Working with the innate intelligence of the body is an intuitive process. On some level we all know what is right and wrong for our bodies – all of us know this, but unfortunately through negative programming, advertising, bad information and so on we have become confused. Our intuition has too much competition and is no longer able to help us as it was designed to do.

A natural approach to nutrition and health is essential if we are to regain our healthy birthright. The western medical system despite its unquestionable ability to perform what I consider to be miracles in the areas of surgery, has by and large failed to understand the significance of our diets in relation to our general health and well being. It is essential that we look back to nature and what nature has to provide, to rediscover how we are meant to be eating.

It seems that nearly all modern societies have lost any meaningful relationship to food. For most western cultures we are still suffering the effects of a starvation or poverty mindset. Many of our parents or grandparents grew up in the depression when food was scarce. For many of us these people are our teachers, the ones who taught us how to eat the way we do today. As a reaction to scarcity in the past we may be encouraged to eat more and eat all that is put in front of us, among other eating disorders. Today our new teachers are the giant fast food conglomerates acting through their advertising companies. These multinational corporations are hardly concerned about your health; they are driven solely by the holy dollar, by how much money they can make for their investors.

Added into the mix of suspect and misinformation are the fear mongers – the pharmaceutical companies – the pushers of drugs we don’t need, manufactured for the diseases we would never have if we ate only naturally.

There are now many people seeing through the smoke screen of sickness, disease and all that bad food who are firstly, discovering for themselves a healthier way to eat, and secondly, wanting to share this re-found information with others.

I would like to share what I have found with you.


A few months ago a friend of mine suggested that I should go to see a doctor for a checkup just to make sure I was not deficient in any of the essential minerals, etc that we are supposed to have.

I am always hesitant to mention food related topics to doctors because I am used to getting frivolous replies. I went – I told him that I eat no animal products what so ever, no meat, no dairy. I told him that  because of my chosen diet a friend of mine was concerned that I might be deficient in nutrients.

I did not get the reaction I was expecting – no lectures relating to that questionable food pyramid with meat on the top. My doctor was very happy to do the necessary tests and I am pleased to say that I am perfect in all areas, including calcium and B12. For all those of you out there who think humans have to drink cow’s milk for calcium and eat meat for B12, perhaps it is time to rethink your beliefs and childhood conditioning.

My doctor, although not “alternative” in any way was very encouraging. He said that I was obviously doing something right and to keep up the good work.

I strongly recommend that you go to your local doctor for a blood test – if for no other reason than if you are planning on changing your diet,  you will know where you have come from and therefore know what effect the new diet will have had on your body.


We all do have different genetic makeups and consequently are going to exhibit different strengths and weaknesses from each other. We also have different karmic paths – it seems that for most of us no matter how much effort we put into going along a certain direction, life has a different road for us to travel. And follow it we will do – kicking and screaming as we go.

Despite our differences we much have more in common.

Each of us has a toxin threshold. Like the straw that broke the camel’s back, we can keep eating as much bad food as we like and our amazing bodies will keep cleaning itself, using the good stuff and trying, if it can, to eliminate the bad. But one day the camel’s back will break.

When this happens your weakest organ will fail – this is where personal genetics come into it. You may come from a genetic line that is predisposed to kidney failure. So when the toxic load gets too much something has to give – the weakest link is broken.

Genetics is often used as an excuse. Over-weight people will often tell you that they are genetically fat. This is very unlikely to be true. When too much of the bad stuff goes in and exceeds the body’s ability to cope, the body has to deal with it somehow. For people with a predisposition (genetic) to being over-weight this how their body’s cope.

It has been said a million times and I am going to say it again.

“You are what you eat”

If you are not happy with your present, physical, energetic, mental and emotional condition then maybe it is time to start looking at what you have been putting into your amazing body and to start making some changes – for the better.