Amidst the mass of confusing, wrong and misinformation about nutrition here are 5 simple points to help you onto the healthy track.

  1. No Artificial Chemicals into or onto your body or in the air.
  2. No Dairy. (no amount, any time, for any reason)
  3. Reduce Meat and Grains to absolute minimum. (you do not need them)
  4. Eat at least 50% of your food raw. (Fruit, Salads, Nuts, Seeds, Juice, etc)
  5. Eat a great diversity of living foods.     (At least 100 different foods a week)


Once you are on the road to a full-time Healthy Lifestyle there are only 2 simple things to remember.



Let’s try and keep this as simple as possible.

  1. Our body does not ask much of us – we ask a lot of it.
  2. Too often we fail to give our body the basic nutrients it needs.
  3. Too often we put stuff in our mouths that was never intended to go in there – all sorts of foreign and unnatural chemicals.
  4. These foreign and unnatural chemicals eventually create a toxic load greater than our body can handle.
  5. The consequence is that we get sick – our body is unable to do what our body instinctively does best – look after itself.



Your body needs good nutrition.

It was designed by nature to be fed by nature.

Clean Water

 – drink plenty of clean water free of chemical additives.

Fresh Healthy Food

 – preferably organically grown,

 – preferably vegan,

 – preferably raw.


 – regular exercise, like a daily walk is perfect,

 – preferably along the beach or in a park.

 Fresh Air

 – try to avoid polluted places – your health matters.

Many of our soils are nutrient depleted or naturally lacking some essential minerals. The consequence of this is that the foods that these soils produce are also lacking in those nutrients and minerals. Organic farming goes a long way to correcting this problem but it can not correct what nature has left out.

GUSTO NUTRITION is an amazing, nutrient dense food, that provides the nutritional base that our bodies need.

Your body will thank you for giving it a heaped tablespoon or two full of GUSTO NUTRITION in a smoothie or shake each day.


2.     CLEANSE YOUR BODY – from the inside

For the body to perform at its optimum level, it needs to continuously remove waste and toxins. Due to poor diet and unhealthy lifestyles many people are constipated at worst and irregular at best. Toxic waste can be stored in your body for many years.

Regular intestinal detoxing helps to eliminate toxins, allowing the body to get on with the job of maintaining and repairing itself – it does this extremely well if unhindered by foreign and unnatural chemicals.

Many ailments seemingly unrelated to the bowels may simply disappear after a thorough detox program.

It is believed that all dis-ease, be it, physical or emotional is a result of blockage – if we can remove the blockage then we have a chance of removing the dis-ease.

Why not give nature a chance to do what nature does best.

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