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Our body need oxygen. The largest part of our lungs is the lower section – if you breath into that part of the lungs rather than shallow breathing (upper) your breath will be fuller and you will get more oxygen and be healthier for it.

It is great to practice deep breathing while going for a walk.

Do not breath faster – you do not want to hyperventilate. You may in fact find yourself breathing slower.

Cayenne Pepper 

Many ancient societies, have consistently used cayenne pepper therapeutically. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, used in cleansing and detoxifying regimes which uses the spice’s health boosting properties to stimulate circulation and neutralise acidity in the body.

Further Properties include:

1. Anti-Irritant Properties – ease stomach upset, and irritating coughs,

2. Anti-Cold & Flu Agent –  helps break up congested mucus,

3. Anti-Fungal Properties – limits the formation of fungal pathogens,

4. Migraine Headache – aids prevention,

5. Anti-Allergen – anti-inflammatory agent and may help ease allergies,

6. Digestive Aid – aids the body’s ability to metabolise the food ,

7. Anti-Inflammatory Properties –  great herb for arthritis and diabetes,

8. Helps Produce Saliva – aides digestion and promotes oral health,

9. Prevents & Treats Blood Clots,

10. Detox Support-  circulatory stimulant – helps sweating & detoxing,

11. Join-Pain Reliever,

12. Anti-Bacterial Properties – excellent food-preserver,

13. Possible Anti-Cancer Agent – particularly lung and liver,

14. Supports Weight Loss –  a great metabolic-booster, 

15. Improves Heart-Health – helps to keep normalise blood pressure,

16. Remedy for Toothache – agent against tooth and gum diseases,

17. Topical Remedy – as a poultice used to treat sores and wounds.


Chlorophyll is possibly the most important component of the food we eat that is needed to sustain and repair the human body.

Chemically chlorophyl is almost identical to human blood. This makes chlorophyll a perfect food for our bodies in order for it to make new blood.

The chlorophyll in all plants creates the oxygen that is necessary for us to breathe and protects all life on earth from harmful ultraviolet light. 

When we digest chlorophyll via the green foods we are giving our bodies the raw material that our red blood cells need to keep our internal oxygenation system (circulatory system) functioning at its best. Healthy blood means that we can absorb and move more oxygen throughout our bodies, release more carbon dioxide and hence reduces physical stress, generate more energy and most importantly, creates an aerobic environment in which disease cannot develop.

Chlorophyll has been found to actually reverse the damage caused to DNA by the toxic effects of synthetic chemicals in the foods we eat. What that means is that it can both prevent and reverse cancer.

There are different types of chlorophyll a, b,c and d. A type is the most common and is responsible for the very deep blue green leaves. B type is responsible for the yellow green colour. Different amounts of the different chlorophylls explain the variations in greens that we see in nature.

When green vegetables are cooked the chlorophyll undergoes a chemical change. The rich green colours are lost and the vegetables take on a grey-olive colour. This change in chemistry and discolouration happens after about 5 minute of cooking. So if you are going to cook your veggies only  5 minutes in the steamer then eat.


I have found magnesium capsules very useful for managing cramping and restless legs. Also very good for helping to overcome constipation but be careful not to take to much – start with one capsule and build up by one each day.

My experience and that of many other seriously healthy vegan raw or similar food diet then, constipation will never be a problem anyway.


Mushrooms are amazing foods. All sorts of different types of them.

One big misnomer about mushrooms is that they play a part in the feeding of candida. There is no evidence of this what so ever, in fact any evidence there is says quite the opposite. Fungus or yeast does not feed yeast – sugar feeds yeasts.

Mushrooms boost the immune system. They are rich in vitamin B2, B3 and D. Vitamin D is essential for the immune system. Phosphorus, potassium and antioxidants such as selenium, as well as nearly all essential amino acids.

Relevant Article :


Seed sprouts are the most nutritious way to eat anything.

Sprouts are living food at it very best.

If you can have no other vegie garden you can at least grow your own sprouts in your own kitchen.

You can buy sprouting trays at most health food shops.

We generally have lentils (black or brown), sunflower seeds, adzuki beans and alfalfa sprouts growing and add them to our salads or just grab a few to eat as we pass through the kitchen.

Experiment with different seeds – it can be a lot of fun.

Supplements (Wholefood Suppliments) 

Supplements are not Isolated Vitamins and Minerals

One of the most common questions I get asked is “I eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and I believe I get all the nutrition  need, so why would I need to take supplements?”

In a perfect world where all the plants grew exactly the way natured designed them to grow that would be true.

Plants were never designed to be grown en-masse – as a monoculture. Nature mixes up the plants – their roots intertwine – some plants use the nutrients that other plants secrete. This mixing up of the plants produces variations in the chemistry of each plant. Added to this nature produces thousands of variation of the same plant, each one with slight nutritional variations.

Our bodies use a massive array of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc, etc, to perform an equally massive array of functions within our bodies – the greater the variety of quality nutrients available to our bodies the healthier we will be. 

Modern farming uses limited plant varieties, most often only one, planted as monocultures – often hundreds of acres of the exact same variety of the exact same plant. No variation – no diversity.

Added to problems associated with limited varieties and plant monocultures many of the soils, including organic farm soils are depleted of at least some of the minerals the plants need to deliver optimum nutrition.

Nutritional Supplements and particularly Superfoods help to fill the gap that modern fruits and vegetables leave. This is why I have included the Edenfood Superfood in my smoothie first thing every morning.

Other factors that reduce the optimum nutrition of the food we eat include:

  • time delay between picking and eating – as this time increases the nutritional content of the food is reduced.
  • for convenience of transporting and packaging most food is picked before it reaches peak ripeness – full nutrition is available from the plant/fruit/seed when it is fully ripened on the plant.
  • many plants sold today are selected for their size, shape and transportability – in this process the nutritional content has been ignored and consequently diminished.

If you can it is best to grow as much of your own food as you can. With even the smallest area of land it is amazing how much can be grown.

Vegetable Garden 

You will never eat anything healthier and that tastes better than the food you grow and pick and eat straight from your own vegie garden. It tastes different. Corn, beans, tomatoes, etc. taste different if eaten immediately after picking than they do if picked and eaten even a few hours latter.

Your vegie garden can be as simple as a few pots of herbs by the back door or the full blown market garden in your backyard.

No matter how much space you have you can always grow a few vegies or herbs. My vegie garden is a series of black plastic pots at the side of our house. I have silverbeet, dwarf beans, tomatoes growing, as well as some herbs, mint, parsley, chives, rosemary, oregano, comfrey, lemongrass, lemon balm and aloe vera.

I do not know what people need to know about setting up a vegie garden – please let me know what you want know and I will include it here.

If you want I can design and arrange to construct any garden of any size you want. Remember I am an Architect and Landscape Designer.


Other than walking, yoga is the only other exercise I do. I find it wonderfully relaxing and enlivening at the same time. I am not formalised with what I do – I have learnt maybe 10 -12 positions focused mainly on my back which is my body’s weakness. It is with the yoga exercises that I start my day.