Changing your diet is not going to be a fast thing, but it’s by changing your diet that your body is going to feel better than it does now.


Decide what you want to achieve – short term goals only.

    – loose weight – how much?

    – feel more energetic,

    – just feel better in my own skin,

    – whatever you want, and feel that a change in diet may help.

STEP 2.    EAT MORE ???

As strange as it might seem, eating more could very well be the most effective way to change your diet and loose weight (if that is what you need to do).

Before eating a main meal, eat a piece of fruit – Apple, banana, plum, tomato, cucumber, mango, avocado, etc. This fruit will start to fill you up so even if you get stuck into a Big Mac and chips you will fill up sooner than you would have other wise and so eat less of the junk food.

More importantly you would have put some lovely food into you which will provide way more nutrition than the junk food. Fresh fruits and vegetables also provide the enzymes that will help you to digest your food better – making the vitamins, minerals etc. in the food available for your body to utilise.


I have notice for myself and continue to notice for others, that the first and easiest thing to change is to remove all dairy from your diet.

Although many people really love their dairy products and think that they could not live without it, my experience is that most people have very little difficulty at all giving dairy up. I have also met a few people who dig their heels in and just refuse to review their point of view – that’s OK too.

For those people who have stopped all dairy most have done it quite quickly, often immediately and have not looked back. Changes that I and others have noticed include, no more blocked noses/sinus congestion, fewer or no colds, reduced or no more asthma, clearing of acne and pimples, cessation of stomach pains, and so on. Please let me know of your experience when you stopped or stop dairy.

You could also stop wheat or alcohol or processed meats, carbonated drinks, coffee, confectionary, cakes, sugar, etc., etc.

The reason for choosing one thing is let yourself experience the power you can have over food, rather than food having power over you. Another reason is that if you eliminate any one of the above foods you will most likely notice a significant difference within two weeks. That will give you the motivation to keep trying and start eliminating other foods that are hurting your body rather than enlivening it.


If you do not bring junk food home, you will not be tempted to eat it. Tell yourself that it is OK to eat what ever you like when you go out, but while you’re home you will only eat food that you know is good for your body.

Remember you are in transition. Eventually you will find that you no longer want to eat junk food when you are out – this will happen naturally – your body is an amazing machine, eminently capable of looking after and repairing itself. You just need to learn to give it more of the right food and less of the bad food.


You do not need to fight with your body – listen to your cravings and ask yourself, “Is this an addiction?” or “Is my body asking for something in particular?”. If it is an addiction try and ween yourself off slowly – you are not in a hurry – and your body will help you by naturally releasing the need for foods that are not life supporting as and when it has enough of the nutritious food it needs. If it is your body telling you that it wants something see if you can work it out. More out of your comfort zone when it come to guessing what that food might be. Maybe it’s a tomato, a glass of water, a prune, a stick of celery – experiment – you will eventually just know these things intuitively.

If you have been a victim of your cravings rather than one who listens to their body, it may take a few months to get the intuitive thing working again. I say again, because your intuition never stopped working it has just been noised out but the confusion that junk foods with their fats, sugar, salt and synthetic chemicals and the unnatural cravings and addictions that they create.


Biscuits, junk snacks

Butter on bread





Milk in cereal

Milk in coffee / tea

Red Bull / V

Red Meat


White bread / toast 













Raw Nuts, seeds, dried fruit.

Spread avocado or banana.

Fruit Salad or Smoothie

Sorry, no more cheese.

Dairy, Sugar, Additive Free

Water Decaffeinated Coffee.

Rice, almond or oat milk.

A little is OK for now or black.

ENERGY Herbal Blend

“Organic” Chicken

Tahini & Honey.

Organic rye or spelt.


While my wife and I were moving from a more traditional diet to the raw vegan diet we noticed that we wanted to eat a lot of eggs. We listened to our bodies, tested out our desires using kinesiology and enjoyed our eggs. Between the two of us we were eating two to three dozen per week. I have read the stories of other raw vegans who had made the same observation.

Please make sure the eggs are Free Range and preferably organic. Caged hens suffer badly – they spend their entire miserable lives in a space the size of an A4 sheet of paper – the thought sickens me – just imagine how the chickens feel. Beyond the suffering, even barn laid eggs are not good. Without being outside the chickens are seriously vitamin D deficient – this means they are lacking the one vitamin that will help ward off disease. Sick chickens lay sick eggs.

Another thing that happened to me once I was on a raw vegan only diet was that I wanted to eat dried fruit all the time. Figs and dates

mainly but also bananas, apricots and sultanas – the sultans I very soon stopped – they blotted me big time and gave me headaches, but I was eating handfuls of them. Helen kept telling me to watch my sugar intake – my body kept telling me it wanted it. After about a month or two I slowly stopped eating so much dried fruit and now I eat almost non at all.