Weight Loss


Being overweight is a symptom not a cause – if the cause is fixed your body will naturally adjust to its ideal weight.

Dieting, magic powders, short term starvation, food limiting, insane surgeries and the plethora of money making weight loss programs out there will never fix the problem unless the cause is addressed.

Fixing the problem is actually easy but there is no money in it, so you will not see the fix advertised on TV, in magazines or advertised by most doctors or in Pharmacies and Fitness Centres.

As weird as it might sound being overweight is a symptom of malnutrition. 

“Mal” means, faulty, inadequate or improper.

Malnutrition is a faulty, inadequate or improper diet.

Unless this is corrected your overweight condition will not correct.

I am certainly not suggesting that the factors that bring about an overweight condition are limited to malnutrition, just that if your diet is out of whack your body will be out of whack too and you will feel it.

Other specific medical conditions may be affecting your weight, be it high or low, for which you may need to seek specific medical advice. I know nothing about fixing any medical conditions – I know that by eating a Natural, Life Diet as I and many others do, I am free from many of the physical ailments that I notice afflict those on processed, cooked and junk/fast food, life diets.

Our bodies are incredibly intelligent – without negative interference our bodies are capable of healing themselves – their ability to do that is natural and intuitive. Through negative training, and feeding our bodies unnatural chemicals, we have very successfully managed to confuse this magnificent machine to the point where all the natural and instinctive mechanisms malfunction and in extreme situations, shutdown.


When our bodies give us the message “I am hungry”, it will never be satisfied with quantity. I hear many mothers ask “What can I feed my kids to fill them up?” Our bodies are asking for nutritious food, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, etc. and the massive array of goodies that fresh, whole foods contain. It is not asking for a “hole to be filled”.

Have you ever noticed that about an hour after eating a bowl of rice or pasta or cereal, even though you might have overeaten you feel hungry again. You stopped eating only because you had no room left, but unfortunately you had not given the body the nutrition it was looking for. So what the body says is “I am hungry”.

What most people do then is go and eat some more food – generally food that is more nutritionally devoid than what was eaten for the main meal – crisps, bread, biscuits, chocolate, etc.


Hunger is a natural response that the body has when it needs to be fed. When we eat whole fresh foods an amazing thing happens – the body is quickly satisfied and does not ask for more food.

Most people are used to over eating to compensate for the lack of nutritious food, so the biggest hurdle to overcome is habit.

Not only are we used to eating lots of food but we are used to certain tastes. We say we like the taste of certain foods – this is actually only a habit. If you were brought up in another culture you would no doubt have been exposed to different tastes and say that you like those. 

Milk is a good example of habit. As you might already know I am very opposed to “cross species breast feeding”, so I suggest to people who are milk drinkers to just try stopping drinking milk for two weeks. I am never surprised when they report back after their two weeks that they can not handle the taste of milk any more – most report that it even makes them feel sick.

We are all uniquely individual and so variations in taste preferences will always apply. You are most likely going to have to get used to some new tastes and will definitely have to leave some taste sensations behind. This can and should be done gradually. Your body will tell you when it is ready to change – a little encouragement will definitely help.

The most amazing thing I noticed as I transitioned to raw vegan food was that with a little bit of creativity, a little thinking outside the square and lots of pinching of ideas from other people, raw vegan food tastes absolutely amazing. Most people’s idea of a salad is lettuce, tomato and cucumber – that is boring to me too.


While you are in in transition between overeating because you “feel hungry” and getting used to eating only what your body needs because you have eaten good nutritious food, here are a few tips that might help you.


Drink a glass of water whenever you start to feel hungry. Wait for 10 minutes and most often you will find that you are no longer hungry or your hunger will be reduced.


Don’t let yourself get hungry in the first place. Once you get to the point of being hungry you are most likely to overeat. I have snacks all day long. Small snacks like a half a banana, apple, a few dates, dried fig, nuts, seeds or sprouts, even carrot or celery sticks or a teaspoon of bee pollen. Also a teaspoon of chia seed in your bottle of water is a big help. What ever you eat, it must be chemical free and raw. I seem to be eating all day long but each snack is very small – I just make sure I am never hungry. When it comes to a meal time, I then only eat a small portion – not because I choose to, I’m just not that hungry.

I hear people saying that it is the snacking between meals that puts on the weight. This is not my experience. If you eat junk snacks, the story will be different. In the first three months of my raw vegan life I lost 11kg. That took me from just over my upper BMI upper limit to comfortably inside it. I never take any specific action to lose weight. My focus has always been and will always remain, eating the very best that I can. I have proven to myself that weight will naturally correct as soon as we eat wholesome nutritious food.

Without a doubt my greatest single help to gaining control of my body’s nutrition is the Eden Superfood that I take every morning in my fruit smoothie. It is an amazing blend to some of the worlds best foods – I see it as my nutritional foundation.

If I could find a way of grabbing you and shaking you and say “You have to at least try it and find out for yourself ! “, I would, but I am a whole internet away.


Eat an apple or cucumber, or a teaspoon of chia seed soaked in a glass of water for 10 minutes. All are great natural appetite suppressors.


If you know you are going to have a long stretch where you are not going to be able to eat, have a banana, an avocado and a glass of chia  seed soaked in a glass of water for 10 minutes. This combination will keep you going all day and stop you from making a pig of yourself when you eventually get to have a meal.


Have your last meal at least 2-3 hours before you go to bed. Small snacks are OK between then and bed, but what I found was not only do I sleep much better, I simply spent less of my day eating and so eat less total food. Interestingly many nights I do not have a meal. I have naturally adjusted to eating my largest meal (a very filling Fruit Smoothie) as my first meal of the day. I then have an amazing salad for lunch and something small at night – berry smoothie, salad, banana, a few nuts, avocado on rice cake or nothing.


For me, wheat is the biggest hunger stimulant. Because I know exactly what I eat and monitor its effects, it is easy for me to tell what a particular food does to me. Remember it may be different for you.

If I eat wheat, which I rarely do, the following day there is no way I can satisfy my hunger pangs. When I first noticed this I thought, how weird that was. I have now noticed this on many occasions and as I do, I Googled it to find that many other people had noticed the same effect.

Try taking wheat out of your diet, you might be surprised – also taking wheat out of the diet has many other benefits – it really is not a good food to be eating lots or any of.


In reality this is not something you need to worry about. Your body will manage this all by itself.

BUT – I know you are going to be impatient – you are going to set unrealistic goals – maybe you won’t.

If you are starting from scratch – you have not been dieting already – you have been eating really bad food – you know the scenario, it is very easy to loose 2-3 kg in the first week. You will not be loosing much or any body mass. What you will be loosing is excess water and you will be emptying your bowels quicker than you have been in the past. It will though, give you an emotional boost, so bask in it, it’s OK.

If you are higher than your upper BMI limit, loosing 1 kg per week is a realistic goal.

If you are within your BMI range and still want to loose a little weight – maybe to get to your ideal BMI weight then 1 kg per month is realistic.

Most important is to understand and trust that your body is intelligent. It knows how to do this and given all the right nutrition it will perform wonderfully for you.

Never forget that you are a unique human being. Do not compare yourself to others – rather learn from others and see how their experience is or is not useful or applicable to you.

The goal must always be, to be the best of who you can be, given the genetic package you were blessed with at birth. Don’t be sucked in by that stupid saying of the “false rich” and “false successful”, “If I can do it so can you”. I hate that phrase – I believe it to be utter nonsense. We are not all the same and so we are not all capable of the same achievements.

Find out what you are good at and do that.

With a healthier body you will certainly have a greater opportunity to discover a lot more of what you are capable of.

ENJOY the journey.