What We Eat

My Typical Raw Vegan Day

Quite a few people have asked me “what I eat”, so here it is.

At home I only eat raw vegan food – when I go out I selectively eat what is on offer – that generally means cooked, sometime means meat or fish, but not often.

This is where I have naturally found myself after many years of refining my diet so that I feel the best I possibly can – effervescently alive from the inside – you may find yourself following a different path and ending up at a different destination – that is as it should be. In the mean time you may be able to learn a little from my experience. ENJOY

My focus is natural foods, (Natural, Life Diet) – foods that can be collected by hand in a natural environment.

That means that, all dairy, all meat and most grains are not on the list of foods I eat.

Grains like wheat can not be collected in a natural setting in amounts large enough to make bread, pasta, etc so they are out.

Where possible I choose to eat fresh organic produce grown locally – not always practical.

Pre Breakfast

At least 2 Glasses of water as soon as I get up.

It is so important to have plenty of water especially first thing in the morning so that the body can flush out all the toxins and help to keep your bowels moving freely. If you can get to drink 1 ltr of water first thing in the morning that would be perfect.

Some mornings I make myself a hot cup of . Tastes a bit odd but I really like it. KickStart can also be added into smoothies or sprinkled onto cereal.


Healthiest Smoothie Ever – my own Green Superfood Smoothie

– See Recipe – Healthiest Smoothie Ever

For me the most important ingredient in my Green Smoothie is the EDENFOOD .

It is an amazing blend of Spirulina, Chlorella, Alfalfa, Barley grass, Wheat grass, Beetroot, Rosehips, Spinach, Dulse, Peppermint and Stevia.

All Day Nibbles and Snacks.

All snacks are raw, preservative etc free and ideally organic.

I’m a grazer so I have to be careful not to have food in front of me all of the time. This food is so yummy – be careful not to over eat.

Bee Pollen – ideally about two tbsp per day

    – I just take a tsp at a time as a snack.

Dried Fruit – Dates, Figs

Nuts – Cashews, Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Almonds & Brazil Nuts

Seeds – Sunflower, pumpkin

Chia seeds – 1 tsp soaked in glass of water for 10 minutes.

    (I have this about 3 times a day)

Sprouts – we use mainly lentils as they are easy and reliable.

    – Alfalfa sprouts are also good but easiest grown in the cooler months.

Fruit – Apples, Bananas, Mangos, Pineapple, Stone Fruit, Cherries, etc.

Rice Cakes – A slight deviation from raw.

    – thin rice cakes are great with avocado or banana.



Usually salad, which may include any 4 or 5 of the following:

Finely chopped;

 – Lettuce, Spinach, etc.


 – Mushroom, etc.


 – Carrot, Beetroot, Broccoli, Cauliflower, etc.


 – Cucumber, Celery, Asparagus, Avocado, Tomatoes,

     Capsicums, String Bean, Snow Peas, etc.


 – Lentil, Alfalfa, Sunflower, Pea, Broccoli, etc.


    – Grated nut and seed mix.

   Chopped herbs;

    – Basil, Mint, Parsley, Rosemary, Chives, Coriander, etc.



   To your salad you can add Olive oil and lemon dressing, or

   I like to make up an thick Avocado Sauce to pour over my salad;

 – 1 Avocado

 – 1 Lebanese cucumber

 – Juice of 1/2 lemon

 – Handful of herbs – Basil, Mint, Parsley, Rosemary, Chives, etc

 – Dash of Cayenne Pepper

 – Himalayan Sea Salt to taste.

  Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth.

Avocado Herb Boat

        Cut Banana Capsicums along their middle clean out seeds

        and fill with the Avocado Sauce.

        Makes a very simple and yummy meal.


Sometimes after all that good food throughout the day, I only feel like a light snack at night.

  • How naturally good is that?

Berry smoothie

        1/2  c       Frozen Blueberries

        1/2  c       Frozen Mixed Berries

        1    lg       Banana (or two small)

        1    tbsp   SuperFood

        1    c        Coconut water or water

        Blend all ingredients.

    Fruit Salad OR,

    Plate of cut up vegetable and salad items.